Distributors Abroad


Ireland is renowned for its high-quality genetics. At Dúnmasc Genetics, the close relationships we cultivate with farmers and breeders across Ireland leaves us in an advantageous position when working with distributors and selling into markets abroad. From the moment a calf is born, we being to acquire a deep knowledge of the key genetic information associated with it, from its back pedigree to its genotype.

Moreover, we devote time to communicating with the farmers and breeders that we work with across Ireland and have a deep knowledge of the animals on each of their farms. This is particularly advantageous for our distributors abroad because it enables us to carefully select the correct animals to suit their needs and the needs of the markets they sell into. Indeed, at Dúnmasc Genetics we are always confident that our bulls will fulfil our distributors’ current as well as future requirements.


Expertise is the final link in the chain. At Dúnmasc Genetics, we understand that the support we offer and the top-quality genetics we guarantee would not be complete without a wealth of industry knowledge and years of expertise.

Our team consists of individuals who have dedicated many years to working in the industry. Stephen Dowling, our Managing Director, not only has a background in farming and agriculture but also has years of experience in embryology.

Indeed, at Dúnmasc Genetics experience is a key component of our offering. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry enables us to select the best animals for our distributors, work alongside them to predict genetic trends and advise them on the issues they may encounter.

Support, genetics and expertise come together at Dúnmasc Genetics to offer our distributors abroad an unparalleled experience. Our three-pronged approach ensures that our distributors always have access to top-quality genetics and expert advice.

We take a personal approach to our products and services and pride ourselves on the close relationships we have cultivated with farmers and breeders across Ireland. This is particularly advantageous for our distributors abroad; our in-depth knowledge of the bulls and sires on each farm ensures that we select the perfect animals for the markets that our distributors are selling into.


Support is of paramount importance at Dúnmasc Genetics and forms a key part of every product and service we offer. Unlike many of our competitors, we work closely with our distributors abroad and guide them along every step of the journey. However, perhaps what truly differentiates Dúnmasc Genetics is our willingness to understand the distributors we work with; each distributor and market is unique and so too is the amount of support and guidance we provide.

Some clients, selling into particular markets, may require more support while others may prefer a more hands-off approach. At Dúnmasc Genetics, we understand that one size does not fit all, thus, when working with our distributors, we endeavour to understand their needs, rely on our in-depth knowledge of the markets they sell into and are cognisant of local culture and customs. This, in turn, enables us to evaluate the amount of support our distributors abroad need.

The support we offer varies greatly and can range from visiting distributors and training their sales teams to working with them to predict new genetic trends to talking through issues they are facing.